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Spot the Difference

Time for a quick round of spot the difference!

Firstly, here is an article dealing with the ‘problem of problem families’; why they exist, not as a problem, but as a scapegoat. Politicians like to talk about ‘the hard working taxpayer’ versus ‘problem families’ (who may also be ‘benefit cheats’ for good measure), yet who are they? Is there really such a unified voice of ‘the taxpayer’ that politicians of all stripes claim to speak for? Where is the voice of these ‘problem families’ to answer the accusations against them? In fact there is no unified voice for either (certainly not the misleading Taxpayers Alliance).

What for hard working people? More tax? More illness? More poverty? More prison?

The real problem is that problematic families are hard working taxpayers – and vice versa! It’s just easier for a politician to gain your support if they present themselves as on your side against a common enemy. Yet who is in favour of benefit fraud and against paying taxes? Are you?! I expect only genuine benefit cheats would say yes to these questions and the reality is that far fewer of those exist than Mr Cameron would like us to believe.

They must be far outnumbered by the wealthy individuals as well as corporations that regularly avoid enormous amounts of tax perfectly legally, because a) loopholes exist and b) they have the money to exploit them. Of course many of these happen to be Mr Cameron’s friends, supporters and donors, so why would he want to upset them? His bum chum Osborne’s family even uses a convoluted system of shell companies to minimise tax for their posh wallpaper firm and the chancellor is never less than hypocritical is in his tax crackdowns.

“Underlying all this is the insistence that poor people are poor because they are worse at life.” Too right – and to the delight of Mr Cameron & chums the poor have no voice with which to respond.

'I understand all of your everyday problems. Really.'

‘I understand your everyday problems. Really.’

Secondly, an article in which Mr Cameron boasts about his egalitarian credentials. Bearing in mind this is the same man who for years demonised ‘dysfunctional families’ for ‘breaking’ Britain and made a big deal about the importance of traditional marriage; here he is bragging having dealt a blow to the very pressing inequality of, er, mother’s names not being on marriage registers. Oh.

Rather than addressing “another inequality in marriage”, perhaps Mr Cameron could address the many inequalities across ‘broken Britain’ – or can we recall who actually broke it? Hint: it wasn’t low income families struggling to make ends meet. At the very least Mr Cameron could pop up to Maryhill and explain to the starving ‘problem families’ exactly where on his list of equality priorities they currently feature. After all, they can appreciate better than most the reality of this Victorian inequality he is fighting!

Every person who has had to visit a foodbank since 2010 gets a turn.

Everybody who has been forced to visit a foodbank gets a go.

Once again Mr Cameron your absolute contempt for the ordinary, hard working, tax paying, welfare claiming families with serious problems who make up most of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is entirely apparent and abhorrent. In one month when Scotland votes for independence it will not be out of oil fuelled greed, love of Alex Salmond or misplaced national pride as you will no doubt cynically suggest.

It will be because we are sick to death of self-serving and entitled pricks like you exploiting the most vulnerable in society for the benefit of yourself and your already ridiculously rich cronies. We believe that the people of at least part of the United Kingdom deserve a chance to create something better and we intend to deliver, however hard your alliance of non-taxpayers and expense cheats try to dissuade us.



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