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Spot the Difference; Leader Beans

'The Leader only appears briefly, riding through the fields in a Rolls-Royce.' - Description from a Simpsons fan page actually fits Scotland perfectly.

‘The Leader only appears briefly, riding through the fields in a Rolls-Royce.’ – Description from a Simpsons fan page actually fits the UK perfectly.

Nothing says ‘Better Together’ like their constant conflation of Yesnp/Salmond. Their frequent preference for character assassination over debate reveals their discomfort outside of the usual party politics and betrays their lack of serious arguments against Scottish independence (scaring pensioners doesn’t count as a serious argument). Indeed it’s infuriating that so many of the public meetings/debates organised by local independence groups lack an opposing view. Our nation’s biggest decision in three centuries, which will affect centuries to come, and all they can talk about is one man who won’t be around for much longer? Get a grip. Yet there are occasions when it can be enlightening to look at our national leaders and compare how they approach the referendum…

Alex Salmond spoke in Elgin high street about the revolution of democratic participation amongst ordinary people as a result of the independence referendum (all the new voters desperate for independence, coincidentally).

David Cameron spoke to an ‘invited audience at Scottish Widows’ (you know, the insurers and investors) about ‘the UK family’ and limited top-down reform (possibly).

Meanwhile, back at Westminster, Hague says that offers of more powers for Scotland are “akin to a statement in a general election campaign” and not UK government policy. So there you have it! Even by neglecting the very serious conversation that is going on across our country and focusing on the Scottish/UK figureheads you cannot help noticing the difference between the concerns of a Scottish government and a UK government.

Well, since you’re here, Call Me Dave, would you like to tackle any of the issues that are driving Scots towards independence? ‘Nah, I’ll just tell them how great things are and have always been again.’ Seemingly that’s all Westminster politicians have to offer us. History and family ties, but no vision for the future. As a friend of mine put it:

Saying our ties with people in the rest of the UK will change/stop post Yes doesn’t make you pro solidarity Ed, it makes you an ethnic nationalist. My family are English, and the ties and love that bind us together aren’t dependent on an out of touch institution, or the location of decision making. How stupid do they think we are?

This stupid.


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