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UKIP England, but we’re wide awake.

‘We could build a Scotland where woman are not “worth less” and where we blame environmental destruction on those destroying the climate, not on men kissing each other.  We could speak directly to those across the whole of Britain who’re taken in by UKIP – and to those across Europe who’re battling the far-right – and stand as a beacon of what a better, fairer country actually looks like.  What Nigel and the Nos fear most isn’t Scotland failing, it’s Scotland succeeding.  That’s why they are scared.

The indifferent faces of the United Kingdom.

It’s very simple – and scary. The simplistic scaremongering relied upon by No is the same simplistic scaremongering that allows UKIP to gain any votes at all while Labour and Conservatives pander to racism in response. The kind of articulate, intelligent and constructive debate that Yessers have fostered is the absolute antithesis of what UKIP thrives on; fear. It’s hard to be angry and afraid when you have confidence and knowledge and it’s easy to vote for UKIP when you’re angry and afraid.

If tea and racism were mutually exclusive UKIP wouldn’t exist.

The transparency and sharing of information that Yes has flourished by also means that other UK politicians have to work a bit harder and actually talk about tackling complicated issues rather than just out-blame-others with UKIP. The reason we’re seeing such a panicked, poorly coordinated flurry from Shiter Thegether at this late stage is that for all this time they’ve taken their default lead for granted and misunderestimated not only the Scottish population’s education, but it’s access to information. Scotland may be angry, but we are not afraid. That’s why we’re voting yes for independence.

Independence and inclusion.

“It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.” Interesting that the staunchest defenders of the anti-freedom campaign are Westminster politicians…


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