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In it Together. Big Society. So much Better. Wow.

Just fancy that! Hello, Private Eye…? Oh. I see.

“Scots Are *Very* Unimpressed By Irishman Geldof’s Thoughts On Indyref”

So unimpressed. It’s difficult to rub your hands with glee and shake your fists with rage at the same time, but I almost am! Another clumsy attempt by, not outsiders, but the completely ignorant to tell voters in Scotland what matters. I have no problem with people from anywhere in the world commenting on our referendum. I appreciate foreign input, even if it isn’t the usual “Go for it, Scotland!”

What I resent is people commenting who not only have little connection with or understanding of Scotland, but have little connection with or understanding of ordinary people. Geldof, Izzard and Snow are prime examples of this. Millionaires 4 Dependence, and once again the fact that Dan Snow’s father-in-law is the Duke of fucking Westminster, third richest man in Britain, is completely overlooked. ‘Worried about your lands in Scotland, my friend?’ ‘No, no! I just really love the country. Er, I visit the food banks all the time – getting to know the locals and that.’

It’s a relief to see people in Ireland and all over calling out the absolute horror that is an Irishman bearing a Knighthood of the British Empire telling another country altogether that ‘Scotland is a feeling; the United Kingdom is one of the greatest ideas ever invented for the modern age.’ Other great ideas that pre-date the Union of 1707 include democratic government; liberty and equality for all; and sovereignty lying with the people, not a monarch.

So many unanswered questions about dependence...

Two centuries later and still so many unanswered questions about dependence…

If Bob & chums had been holding rallies to secure all of that for the United Kingdom during the past, I don’t know, 30 years, then we probably wouldn’t be so desperate to dissolve the Union of 1707 and have a bash at achieving democracy and equality without them. Reclaiming sovereignty for the people of Scotland is only the first step. It certainly is ‘a question for humanity and eternity’. We want a government that has some humanity and we don’t want to spend eternity living like this.


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