Politics, Scotland

If you listen hard enough…

You still won’t hear the silent majority.

Prepared to be amazed though? Lend Scotland’s Big Voice your ear.

Secret enemy: Meet the shady group fighting the SNP


“The wheel isn’t perfect…” Apparently this isn’t a joke.

Wait, what? I thought only if Scotland became independent would it be a ‘one party state’! It beggars belief: Tory asking you to vote Labour; Labour asking you to vote Tory; Lib Dem asking you to please listen; UKIP… I actually don’t know what to make of this, it’s right up at the #PatronisingBTLady level of incredible. For how many elections do they intend to flaunt the lack of difference between their parties? Would they commit to 10 or 20 years of voting against themselves just to spite their preciously hated SNP?

Unlike some conspiracy obsessed numpties I don’t doubt their grassroot credentials, in fact I wonder if this is the belated grassroots unionism that was almost non-existent last year. Too little too late much? I also feel sorry for anyone who finds their ‘secrecy’ ‘really irritating’ though, because why not respect a little privacy? Any YeSnpCyberNatsyCommieFanatics should surely be reassured that when the hegemony of unionist power at Westminster is (barely) threatened, these genuinely motivated activists conclude that the best reaction is not to up their political game. Instead they abandon any pretence of convincing arguments for their respective parties altogether. I mean wow!

The response of Scotland’s Squeaky Wee Voice to a Labour councillor losing his job for sharing their Wheel of Misfortune should give any potential sympathisers pause for thought. Calling your own supporters stupid for supporting you? At least they’re managing to keep the arrogance and contempt of Better Together alive, along with the portrayal of Scots as either rabid nationalists or stoic loyalists. I mean if you’re seriously more passionate about despising the SNP than about your own principles and policies then why even bother?



At least the one remaining Lib Dem supporter I know still intends to vote Lib Dem for fuck sake.


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